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The STEINWAY & SONS name has stood for the finest grand and upright pianos since 1853. Made with the greatest care, best materials and no compromises, our pianos are prestigious instruments par excellence. The role played by the STEINWAY professionals is impossible to exaggerate, as it is due to their dedication to absolute perfection that STEINWAY has been and continues to remain the gold standard for sound, feel, beauty and investment value.

Every STEINWAY is constructed by artisans who take pride and time to humanize a piano still manufactured by hand, who strive for and achieve constant innovation and progress, from master to apprentice, generation after generation. Every STEINWAY & SONS grand and upright piano is a work of art and a work of craftsmanship. Each STEINWAY, which is made up of over 12,000 distinct components, has its own musical personality and is as individual as the person who plays it. Pure artistic expression has the ability to touch, move, and transform, and the STEINWAY was created to remove any boundaries between the listener and the artist's pure, unadulterated expression.

Also, by a Steinway’s Artist named OLGA KERN. He said “Incredible, what this piano can do! To sit and hear myself — without playing. The contrast is amazing; it’s a real performance.”

It's a fantastic feeling to be able to call an authentic STEINWAY & SONS grand or upright your own. It is far more than just a beautiful instrument; it is a vehicle for the highest levels of expression and creativity. A STEINWAY intimately unites artist and listener, and encourages its owner to join a musical legacy of quality, making it a priceless investment.

  • Steinway & Sons Baby Grand...

    Price 224,648.00 AED

    Serial No.: 338377

    Dimensions: Width: 146,5 cm Length: 155 cm Weight: 267 kg At 155 cm in length, this “Baby” grand piano was introduced in the 1930’s and features the powerful and rich tone of a much larger piano. Small enough to fit nicely into almost any room, this piano is handcrafted using the same materials and techniques that go into making Steinway concert grand pianos.

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