Our founder, Koichi Kawai, was born in Hamamatsu, Japan, in 1886. Koichi began working in the piano industry when he was in his teens. He was a crucial member of the research and development team that brought pianos to Japan for the first time. Koichi Kawai, a brilliant innovator, was the first in Japan to design and build a piano action. He was the owner of numerous patents for his innovations and designs.

Koichi Kawai established the Kawai Musical Instrument Research Laboratory in 1927, employing seven other like-minded people. The only thing that kept them going as a startup firm was their love of music and drive to make better pianos. Quality, music enjoyment, and the pursuit of excellence were central to Koichi's philosophy. These fundamental concepts continue to motivate and guide Kawai today.

Shigeru Kawai took over as president of the company after Koichi Kawai died in 1955 at the age of 33. Shigeru was adamant about upholding his father's principles. He predicted substantial expansion in the music industry and prepared for it by increasing production facilities and forming a number of organizations to promote music's value.

Shigeru became the growing connection between the period of skillful handwork and modern technology because he was resourceful and imaginative. He founded the Ryuyo Grand Piano Facility in 1980... Today, it is regarded as the world's most advanced piano-making facility.

Hirotaka Kawai, who was elected president in 1989, is committed to continuing his father and grandfather's legacy. "At Kawai, strive for perfection is not just an ideal... but a duty," he says of their mindset. Under Hirotaka's leadership, the company embarked on a multimillion-dollar program to integrate modern robotics into the manufacturing process. He's also overseen the establishment of Kawai manufacturing sites all around the world. As a result, the Kawai family leadership tradition continues from generation to generation.

  • Kawai Grand Piano GX1

    Price 87,208.00 AED

    The GX-1 classic grand piano is an instrument that always exceeds expectations. Seeing its 5′ 5″ frame, one might assume that it was not designed for for high-performance situations. But the GX-1 should never be underestimated. It was built, first and foremost, to be a “performance instrument.” Fitted with the same high-end enhancements found in all the GX BLAK Performance Series pianos – including the revolutionary Millennium III Grand Action with Carbon Fiber Composites and exclusive NEOTEX™ key surfaces – the GX-1 delivers superb touch and an extraordinary range of tonal expressiveness that rivals any grand piano on the market today. In addition, its flexible size allows it to adapt admirably to a wide range of performance spaces.

  • Kawai Upright K-15E

    Price 22,869.00 AED

    At the beginning stages of piano study, a student may not need a grand piano. A smaller upright piano could provide a good start and serve as a stepping stone to a larger instrument. But, in order to assure a positive piano experience during the all-important early stages of learning, a student must have a good-sounding, reliable instrument — one that will not only respond with pleasing tone but also with consistent touch that enables expressiveness and musicality to develop in an aspiring player. That’s why we created the K-15 upright piano. It has everything a developing pianist needs to grow as a musician. And its Ultra-Responsive Action with exclusive composite parts will provide the level of consistency and quality that pianist have come to expect from Kawai instruments.

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  • Kawai Upright Piano AT20

    Price 21,657.00 AED

    Serial No.: 2026

    Code: PLM51

    Made in Japan
    Black finish
    well balance keys
    AT20 with silent system upright piano

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  • Kawai Upright Piano KU3D

    Price 16,748.00 AED

    Serial No.: 532817

    The K-U3D Is A Compact, Stylish Piano From The Renowned Kawai K Series. This Piano Boasts A Warm Sound And A Clear And Balanced Tone Across The Keyboard. ABS Carbon Fibre Parts And Full Woollen Felts On The Hammers Show That This Is A Quality-Built Piano. The K-U3D Is An Excellent Price For Both Beginner And Experienced Pianists

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