How To Select A Great Used Piano

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 Buying a used piano is a great choice if you want a higher quality instrument at an affordable cost. Although some used pianos can be in bad shape, there are a few

How To Select A Great Used Piano  


Buying a used piano is a great choice if you want a higher quality instrument at an affordable cost. Although some used pianos can be in bad shape, there are a few things to look out for to ensure it’ll be a great instrument for you. If you plan on buying a used piano, we recommend checking out Used Piano, the premier used piano shop in Dubai where you’ll find high quality, affordable used pianos.  


Check The Age Of The PIano  

Unfortunately, pianos don’t get better with age (although we wish they did). A piano is a machine with a lot of moving parts and over time it will begin to degrade. Even if you purchase a brand new, high quality, name brand piano it will still deteriorate over its lifespan (which could be decades). The first thing you should do when looking at a used piano is check its age. If the seller can’t confirm the age you can usually look up the piano’s serial number on Google and find it out.  


Key Bushings And Leveling  

The keys are the most simple way to test the quality of a used piano. You should be able to move each key slightly left and right, but they keys shouldn’t touch each other. When keys are able to touch each other, it’s a sign of worn bushings which can affect a player's sense of control. Replacing or repairing bushings can be pretty costly so it’s best to find a used piano with bushings in good shape.  


Another simple evaluation of the keys is in the key levels. All of the white keys should be sitting at the same height, as well as the black keys. If not, the piano probably hasn’t been maintained very well, which could indicate other problems you don’t know about. Fixing key levels is done through regulation, which can take a few hours or even a few days if the problem is bad enough. Make sure that all of the keys are level when you buy a used piano to avoid having to spend time and money fixing it.  


Hammers And Strings 

Check the tips of the hammers to see if they’re in good condition. A bad hammer will be very hard to the touch and not even feel like felt. This means the hammer is no good and will create an unpleasant tone. For strings, look for discoloration, rust, or corrosion. These are signs that the string needs to be replaced. 


Soundboard And Pinblock 

A soundboard is what creates most of the tone in a piano and amplifies the sound of the strings. Check the soundboard for any cracks, which could cause buzzing. A crack that causes buzzing can be very expensive and difficult to fix. When looking at the pinblock also check for cracks. A pinblock with a crack can be very expensive and time-consuming to replace. WIth a broken pinblock, your piano won’t be able to hold its tune and will have to be replaced.  


With these tips you’ll be able to find a perfectly good used piano in no time! If you’re ready to look at high quality used pianos that are ready to be played, check out our selection at Used Piano. We are the leading music store in Dubai for high quality used pianos!