What Makes the High End Pianos Distinctive

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Those who have ever visited to a showroom full of wonderfully designed, prestige and high...

Those who have ever visited to a showroom full of wonderfully designed, prestige and high quality pianos understands that the experience can be both significant and unnerving — impressive for some reasons, because of the surprising costs of these products — ranging from $50,000 upto $150,000 or may be more. In some cases, new buyers inquire whether the pricing are relevant — or are only because of the smart marketing of popular brand names. In this post, I explain what are the things that differentiate high-end pianos from cheaper ones that may possibly look same or identical, and what is the reason that the increasing price is actually justified. This conversation should be assumed general overall, nevertheless; actual variations also depend on the particular models and brands reviewed, and the variations in their costs.

However, below the few key elements that can make a piano distinctive among all other pianos.

The Definition of Quality:

A piano might have unexceptional tonal design but the material quality will be good that make it distinctive or separated from other pianos.

Tonal Quality:

A piano with a good singing tone gives the pianist more scope in creating musically significant performances and this characteristic of a piano makes it special from other pianos without this quality. e.g. sugar pine, spruce, hard rock, beech, maple, ebony, poplar, rosewood and hornbeam type of wood is used in these type of high end pianos.

Service and Maintenance:

The high end pianos maintenance is easy as compared to other less costly pianos.


The material used in high end pianos is also costly that makes it quite unique as compared to other pianos.

Design and Construction:

To get the improved performance, look, or long life, high-end piano manufacturers are more inclined to make their instruments distinctive or uncommon like other pianos.

There are many other reasons that make high end pianos unique than the less costly pianos; however, the above are the most common reasons. If you want to buy best pianos in Dubai, just visit usedpiano.ae; the best place to buy brand new and second hand pianos in Dubai